Matthew Sanford

Inspiration & Motivation

Realizing Opportunity in the Face of Change 

When things get tough, whether in home-life or in the workplace, what part of us steps forward? Having survived a devastating car accident at age thirteen, Matthew has transformed his resulting paralysis from the chest down into a remarkable story of hope and potential, and life lessons that improve the effectiveness and quality of living. In this interactive presentation, Matthew brings participants inside the mind-body relationship to uncover a practical reservoir of inner strength, one where challenges are not simply overcome, but met head-on with a mixture of wisdom, will and mind-body connectedness. Participants also gain insight into managing stress.

Mind-Body Wisdom: A Key to Effective Leadership

All too often, people in managing positions take care of everyone else but themselves. This is not sustainable. Matthew draws upon his extraordinary experience with trauma and loss, as well as paralysis and yoga, to emphasize the vital role that self-care plays in effective leadership. Caring for both mind and body is much more than a personal health strategy. It is wisdom that increases energy levels, improves interactions with others and creates a healthier work environment. In this interactive presentation, participants will gain practical yet profound insights into their own mind-body relationships, as well as receive insights on managing stress.

Bringing Your Body to Work

Our body is integral to our energy level, our productivity, even to the clarity of our thoughts. It is an underutilized asset in our lives. Nowhere is this more true than in the workplace. We sit at desks and in cubicles. We work under fluorescent lights, breathe uncirculated air, and rarely see the sun. And yet, we wonder why we feel drained by the end of the day. Matthew forges his amazing life story of paralysis and yoga into a practical solution – start bringing your body to work, learn to actively manage your mind-body relationship not just at the health club, but at your desk as well. In this interactive presentation, participants also engage in both yoga poses and relaxation techniques. 

Embracing the Continuum of Abilities and Disabilities in the Workplace

The workplace in the 21st century includes not only a wide range of ethnic diversity, but also a wide range of physical and mental abilities. In this interactive presentation, Matthew draws upon his own experience to share both heart-wrenching and thought-provoking insights into the nature of disability. He powerfully demonstrates that we all live on a continuum of abilities and disabilities and thus draws out the commonality that exists between all of us. In so doing, he breaks down the barriers and confronts the stereotypes that weaken cohesion and effectiveness in the workplace. The goal is to help companies realize the potential and power inherent to having a diverse workforce.

Living in More Spaces

All too often, the stresses of our lives make us feel small. Our shoulders slump, our breathing gets shallow, and we wonder why we feel heavy and listless. We feel like we are aging too fast. Matthew weaves his remarkable story of disability, yoga and transformation into powerful life lessons about living more vibrantly through both mind and body. In this interactive presentation, participants learn that the key to living more fully is not bungee cord jumping or climbing Mount Everest, but learning to live in more spaces within everyday life.


Desktop Yoga

In this workshop, participants learn a series of mind-body and breathing exercises that can seamlessly integrate into work life while sitting at a desk. The goal is to show participants how to utilize mind-body awareness to increase their energy level, concentration and sense of well-being.

Waking Mind and Body

Learning to manage one’s mind-body relationship is a secret to living well. This means more than eating well and regular exercise. It means learning to refine and enhance the quality of sensation that is experienced between mind and body. In this workshop, participants learn specific strategies and techniques to refine this level of sensation and utilize it in everyday life. Deepened mind-body awareness not only makes one feel better, it has mental benefits as well.