Matthew Sanford

For me, everything I do flows from my daily yoga practice – the time I take to feel and refine the sensation of my existence. When I lose track of why I do what I do, I remember a simple observation from my years of practicing and teaching yoga. I have never seen anyone truly become more aware of his or her body without also becoming more compassionate. On the flipside, when we become more disconnected from our bodies, we become more self-destructive. Each day, as I practice connecting my mind and my body, I am able to feel a more compassionate path. I wish the same for you.

Deepening the connection between mind and body is more than a personal health strategy. It is a practical shift in consciousness that can transform the world. In fact, I believe our long-term survival depends upon this shift becoming reality. My life is dedicated to helping it happen.

What I mean by mind-body connection is simple. Sit back in your chair, slouch and let your legs splay out. Notice what you feel in your legs — the dullness, the lack of crispness. Now sit up straight, press gently down through your buttock-bones and heels, and lift your chest. Notice the change in sensation — in how, what and where you feel within your body. This is what I mean by mind-body connection. When we deepen the quality of where and how our minds interact and intersect with our bodies, our consciousness shifts. We get more connected to our lives, to each other and to the planet. This is what I am working for.

I am also a realist. We live in a capitalist society. This means that in order for a new level of mind-body awareness to take hold, it must travel through the sifter of money. This ultimately means it must make or save someone money. I do not mean to sound jaded. I mean that money is a practical part of the problem and thus a necessary part of the solution. Once this hurdle is passed, then flow of money will actually accelerate the proliferation of mind-body awareness.

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