Matthew Sanford

Mind • Body • Spirit

Transformation as a Mind-Body Sensation

A soft-spoken man steps on a train in India as a lawyer. Nine days later, he steps off the same train as Gandhi. What is transformation? What does it feel like? Matthew Sanford draws upon his inspirational story of trauma, loss, paralysis and yoga to examine what part of us actually transforms, when transformation is possible and for whom. In this interactive presentation, participants will explore the mind-body relationship as a vehicle of transformation.

The Body’s Grace

For most of our lives, we take our bodies for granted. As we age, we often feel our body is letting us down and betraying us as we lose our physical vitality. Matthew turns such attitudes on their heads. He uses his remarkable journey within the mind-body relationship, of heart-wrenching trauma and loss, but also of hope and recovery to help participants reconnect with their bodies mentally, physically and spiritually. This interactive presentation helps participants realize their body is the best home their mind will ever have.

Living in More Spaces

All too often, the stresses of our lives make us feel small. Our shoulders slump, our breathing gets shallow, and we wonder why we feel heavy and listless. We feel like we are aging too fast. Matthew weaves his remarkable story of disability, yoga and transformation into powerful life lessons about living more vibrantly through both mind and body. In this interactive presentation, participants learn that the key to living more fully is not bungee cord jumping or climbing Mount Everest, but learning to live in more spaces within everyday life.


Learning to Touch with Mind, Body, and Spirit

This workshop utilizes basic yoga principles of alignment, precision, breath and self-awareness to improve the quality of contact and interaction that we experience with other people.

Waking Mind and Body

Learning to manage one’s mind-body relationship is a secret to living well. This means more than eating well and regular exercise. It means learning to refine and enhance the quality of sensation that is experienced between mind and body. In this workshop, participants learn specific strategies and techniques to refine this level of sensation and utilize them in everyday life. Deepened mind-body awareness not only makes one feel better, it has mental benefits as well.