Matthew Sanford

Topics & Workshops

Matthew’s core message of personal and organizational transformation is powerfully practical for a wide variety of audiences. His four primary focus areas are (click on the links for more specific keynote ideas):

Inspiration – Matthew’s amazing story inspires a rare combination of action, reflection, balance and strength. Whether in the workplace, at a conference, as a keynote speaker or in healthcare settings, Matthew helps audiences connect more deeply to their own lives, unlocking unrealized potential and opportunity. He challenges audiences not only to be more effective and powerful, but also more understanding and compassionate.

Integrative Health – Matthew is a pioneer in developing a mind-body approach to healing and recovery. He speaks to institutions, healthcare professionals, complementary healthcare providers and general audiences within the field of integrative health. His work has led Integrative Health Advocate/Fashion Designer Donna Karen to call Matthew “…a rising star in the integrative healthcare movement.”

Rehabilitation • Disability
– Matthew has developed a groundbreaking mind-body approach to both living with a disability and the rehabilitation process. He is also a pre-eminent leader in adapting yoga for people living with disabilities. For this work, Matthew was recognized as a national hero and Quality of Life winner in the 2008 Volvo for Life Awards. Matthew speaks to all audiences within healthcare organizations, including doctors, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, caregivers, patients and families. He also offers customized follow-up workshops.

Mind • Body • Spirit – Matthew’s unique experience with paralysis, yoga and healing makes tangible the elusive concepts of mind, body and spirit. For Matthew, deepening this connection is not just a personal health strategy, it is a movement of consciousness that can transform the world. Matthew shares his thought-provoking message at conferences, colleges, universities and leading health centers around the country.

Follow-Up Workshops – Inspiration and insight are a big step, but the long-term goal of waking mind and body is long-lasting changes in everyday behavior. Matthew offers customized, hands-on, interactive workshops in which participants directly experience his mind-body insights in practical and tangible ways through individual and group activities. Participants gain strategies for managing stress, increasing energy levels, and improving quality of life, both at work and at home. These workshops are also great for teambuilding and group cohesion.