Matthew Sanford

Students with Disabilities

Matthew knows firsthand that yoga transforms the experience of living with a disability and he has become the leading pioneer in adapting yoga for people living with disabilities. His unique experience combines more than thirty years of paralysis with nineteen years of practicing yoga. He founded the 501(c)(3) company Mind Body Solutions that offers yoga-based programs, products and services to people living with trauma, loss and disability.

Yoga is a time-tested technology that integrates mind and body and is accessible to everyone. With consistent practice, some benefits of yoga are:

•    Increased strength, balance and flexibility – both mental and physical.
•    Discovery of a subtle level of mind-body sensation that is not impeded by disability.
•    Improvements in the quality of breathing.
•    A sense of lightness and freedom within the body.
•    An increased ability to manage stress. 
•    A deepened sense of wholeness and connection with others.

Matthew also trains other teachers to adapt yoga for people living with disabilities. He does this at national yoga conferences and through an unrivaled adaptive-yoga training program offered through his nonprofit Mind Body Solutions. For information about this training, other workshops, programs and products, including a new product titled Transforming Disability: A Mind Body Approach with Matthew Sanford, visit