Matthew Sanford

Yoga Conferences

Matthew has taught classes, all-day intensives and presented keynote speeches at national conferences around the country, including most Yoga Journal locations, Omega, and the Midwest and Southwest conferences.

As a keynote speaker and with his book Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, Matthew draws upon his inspirational story of trauma, yoga and recovery. Matthew did not overcome his paralysis to become a yoga teacher. He is a yoga teacher exactly because he lives with an altered mind-body relationship. Through his heart-wrenching story, Matthew moves audiences to question their preconceptions of what yoga is and to tangibly feel its expansive potential.

Although Matthew teaches all types of classes at these conferences, he also is committed to training teachers how to teach yoga to people of all abilities. He is creating a network of yoga teachers around the country that are comfortable and competent sharing the universality of yoga. This means that, in addition to national conferences, there are opportunities to study adaptive yoga and other related workshops with Matthew and his team at Mind Body Solutions in Minneapolis, MN.